New nozzle publication for home-lawn applications

Do you use hand-held or backpack sprayers?  Then, this pub’s for you.

Dr. Bob Wolf, our Application Technology Engineer, has completed a new publication about hand sprayer calibrations.  It is based on his presentation at the certified pesticide applicator trainings (CPAT) last fall.

The publication includes information on how to convert a simple hand-spray wand into a wand with a flat-fan nozzle. Why would this be useful? Some of the flat-fan nozzles have drift-reducing technology which can help reduce problems if there is wind.

In addition, there is a section that explains how to add a spray management valve (SMV) for better control of pressure and flow during spraying.  Bob notes that SMV’s can be purchased from Gemplers and other such suppliers.

Bob will be discussing this information at the Turf Field Day on August 5th.  And, for further info, you can contact Bob at:

Robert E. Wolf
Extension Specialist Application Technology
Kansas State University – BAE Department
145 Seaton Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-2917
Work Phone 785.532.2935, Fax 785.532.6944
web site:

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