Turf and Landscape Irrigation Videos

K-State Research and Extension has uploaded some great videos that will help people understand how to irrigation their lawns and landscapes.

There are two main questions most people have when it comes to watering their lawn:  How often should I water? and How long do I run my sprinklers? The terms to remember are “Deeply and Infrequently”

The first two videos help to explain how frequent you should irrigate your lawn.

This next video helps you to understand how deeply to irrigate and how long to run your sprinklers.

And the last video has some great tips and Best Management Practices for turf and landscape irrigation, including time of day to water, using a spade or screwdriver to assess soil moisture, and dormancy.

I hope these videos help you to better understand turf and landscape irrigation so that you can have a green healthy yard without wasting water with improper irrigation practices.


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