What’s that stuff falling from the sky? Field day 2011

The rain (what… rain?) yesterday caused a few shuffles in the field day plan but it all worked out okay in the end. Though it caused a little chaos in our day, I think most people were happy to finally see some of the wet stuff coming down.


Thanks to everyone who came.  Thanks also to our vendors.  And, thanks to Rodney for organizing things.  OH, and special thanks to Christy for her organizational super-powers as well.


So, we had some discussions in the main building and greenhouse, had the opportunity to see potted plants and other flowers, ate some lunch, then drifted back down to the plots for a casual tour.  I actually enjoyed the unexpected change of pace – something a little different.


Zoysiagrass trial. DALZ0102 has performed well in our trials and should be released jointly with Texas A&M as a cultivar named Chisolm.  Jack Fry showed the plots to fellow zoysiagrass aficionados.


Rodney discusses a turf species trial which includes colonial bentgrass, hard fescue, sheep’s fescue, tufted hairgrass, and others:



Tony Goldsby talks about using mats for establishment:


The buffalograss trial includes vegetative and seeded varieties.  Kenton Peterson showed the varieties to our field day participants.  Kenton et al are in this photo, they are just invisible.

A vegetative type:

A seeded type:


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