Weedy grasses lurking in lawns

This time of year, weedy grasses such as annual bluegrass and rough bluegrass can hang out in lawns, landscapes, and golf courses, barely detected. However, once summer stress kicks in, these grasses decline faster than the surrounding turf leading to brown “patches” that may be mistaken for diseases. Even in spring, the off-color of these . . . → Read More: Weedy grasses lurking in lawns

Large patch in zoysia

It’s been pretty dry lately, (and what’s up with these 90+ temps???) but the forecast calls for cooler temps this weekend with chances of rain in some areas. Those conditions could cause mild large patch symptoms to flare up.

In our research plots there are hints of large patch showing up in inoculated areas of . . . → Read More: Large patch in zoysia

2011 drought could lead to 2012 cankers and borers

2011 was marked by extreme drought conditions in many parts of Kansas. The 2011-2012 winter was also dry. Drought stress can predispose trees and shrubs to canker diseases and borers.

There is information about canker diseases of trees here:



KSU Entomology has information about borer identification and management at these 2 sites:

http://www.ksre.ksu.edu/library/entml2/MF2735.pdf . . . → Read More: 2011 drought could lead to 2012 cankers and borers

Not quite right…

No, that’s not how to use mulch around a tree:


Thanks to Zane Raudenbush, KSU PhD student, for sending this my way. He saw it on the road on the way to some research plots. I always appreciate photos (serious or funny) from out there in the trenches, so send them my way . . . → Read More: Not quite right…

Summerpatch, summerpatch, sum-sum-summerpatch


I received a question the other day about summer patch in Kentucky bluegrass. I had been thinking about summer patch that morning and was planning to write about it this week. Normally, early May is when that particular disease is on my radar but since everything is early, the time to think about . . . → Read More: Summerpatch, summerpatch, sum-sum-summerpatch

Warm Spring: Grub/Insecticide Application Timing?


I’ve been getting some questions about grubs and timing of insecticides with this warmer than usual spring. Bob Baurenfeind, K-State Horticulture Entomologist wrote the following article for the KSUTurf blog to help address some of these concerns, read on below.


There have been recent inquires as to how the mild winter temperatures (December . . . → Read More: Warm Spring: Grub/Insecticide Application Timing?

April showers bring May flowers, diseases, and basement floods

What’s been going on around the state?


Weather data library

First- here’s a reminder about the KSU Weather Data Library. If you have never checked out this resource it is worth a look:




At the upper left, you can choose “Kansas Weather and ET Data” and from there you’ll find a . . . → Read More: April showers bring May flowers, diseases, and basement floods