Upcoming Events: Flower Field Day, Turf Field Day, Olathe Center Field Day!

It is Field Day and Open House season in the Horticulture world. Three upcoming events at KSU are;

The Bedding Plant Field Day on Thursday July 26 1-7pm at the Olathe Horticulture Center.

The Johnson County Master Gardener/Olathe Horticulture Center Field Day is Saturday July 28 8am-3pm

The K-State Turfgrass Field Day at the Rocky . . . → Read More: Upcoming Events: Flower Field Day, Turf Field Day, Olathe Center Field Day!

New Websites and Turf Conference Coming Up

We spent the last few months updating all of the KSUTurf websites and KTF websites. You probably won’t notice too much difference in the KSUTurf.com site, but it has been completely overhauled to make it easier to keep it up-to-date and easier to search and find information from the new site. KSUTurf.com also now has . . . → Read More: New Websites and Turf Conference Coming Up

Turf and Landscape Events Coming Soon

I hope you all can make it to one or many of the upcoming Field Days and Open houses we have coming up at K-State. These events are a great way to see the research first hand and talk to the scientist and students that are conducting the research. I’ve included images of the brochures . . . → Read More: Turf and Landscape Events Coming Soon

Spring is in the Air. GM Workshops Done.

I’m standing outside the Shawnee County Extension Office waiting to wrap up the last of our 6 Grounds Maintenance Workshops. We had great attendance at all the locations and positive comments from everyone. Thanks for coming. I know you all learned something,…I learned something myself at each one of the workshops. We need to offer . . . → Read More: Spring is in the Air. GM Workshops Done.

Blogs, Twitter, and Facebook in Turf

As promised at this year’s KTF Turfgrass Conference, here is my presentation I gave on using blogs and other social media in turf. Download it here. SocialMediaTurf

And here is a short list of some of my favorite Turf Blogs and Tweeters. You can check out our KSUTurf Facebook page to see who we are . . . → Read More: Blogs, Twitter, and Facebook in Turf

The hedge trimmer

If you were at the raffle at the Kansas Turf Conference last week, you saw that I won a gas-powered hedge trimmer. Actually, I was not even there to claim it. I had a headache and had to go lie down for a bit, so I gave my tickets to Steve Keeley, and he was . . . → Read More: The hedge trimmer

A very un-scientific turf survey

Posted below are results of a quick survey of 49 turfgrass managers at a recent 3B pesticide training class. The survey included questions on which diseases, insects, weeds, and abiotic problems are most common, where they look for help with turf issues, and what they hope to gain from this type of training class.


. . . → Read More: A very un-scientific turf survey

Turf Quiz Answers

Click to enlarge then hit the back button to return to this screen.

I don’t understand why I can’t get the photos to go in the right order… oh well.

Oops, and the first answer to question 2 is spurge.

#gallery-2 { margin: auto; } #gallery-2 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: . . . → Read More: Turf Quiz Answers

Turf quiz, 2010. Test your skills!

Below are most of the questions from the turf quiz at the turf conference. You can click to enlarge.

I’ll post the answers to the questions below next week.

At the conference the highest score (15) was earned by several of our county horticulture specialists: Amy Jordan (Lyon County), . . . → Read More: Turf quiz, 2010. Test your skills!

2010 Turfgrass Conference

The weather looks great this week. (No snow like last year) I hope to see all of you at this year’s Kansas Turfgrass Conference, Dec 7-9, 2010.

Download and read the KTF brochure to learn about all the classes and workshops.

We have a lot of great speakers this year covering many topics. Of . . . → Read More: 2010 Turfgrass Conference

Summer trial info


I thought I’d share some results from one of our summer trials in creeping bentgrass. The study was conducted in a stand of A4 on a sand-based green. There were four “program” treatments that rotated through different products. Those details can be viewed at a higher zoom by clicking on the boxes below, and . . . → Read More: Summer trial info

insect updates, fall mowing, and pesticide licenses

*Insect updates* Are you getting questions about Asian ladybeetles invading homes? The current Entomology newsletter can help you answer those questions:


The above link also has information on hackberry psyllids. (click on Issue #29)

*Should I let my lawn grow tall in the fall?*

This week’s HortNews explains why the answer is NO:


. . . → Read More: insect updates, fall mowing, and pesticide licenses

2010 Kansas Turfgrass Conference

It seems like winter is so far away, especially since we are in the middle of September and it still feels like July or Aug. But, the 2010 Kansas Turfgrass Conference will be held in Topeka on Dec 7-9. The full brochure, detailing all the workshops, classes, and speakers, and all the information about attending . . . → Read More: 2010 Kansas Turfgrass Conference

The 2010 K-State Turfgrass Research Report is Online

Find the latest research report and several past research reports over at KSUTurf.com under the Research>Research Reports Section.

Read the report to find out the results of many of the research studies, KSU faculty and students conducted over the last year. Inside you will studies on turfgrass evaluation, weed and disease control, and environmental . . . → Read More: The 2010 K-State Turfgrass Research Report is Online