Iron Chlorosis

Many of the soils in KS calcareous (limestone based) and are alkaline (have a high pH). One of the problems with high pH soils is reduced availability of iron. Pictured below is a picture of a Kentucky bluegrass lawn that was taken on September 2. Iron is used in the making of chlorophyll (the green . . . → Read More: Iron Chlorosis

Fall Fertility...Again...Again and Corn Gluten Meal..Again

So, I’ve gotten some good questions and responses about my two late-fall fertility posts and the Corn Gluten Meal (CGM) post…so here is some more info. The picture that is in my April 22nd post is from a CGM study I started last spring. The area that study was placed upon was seeded in the . . . → Read More: Fall Fertility…Again…Again and Corn Gluten Meal..Again.