Poor Seed Germination This Fall? You’re not Alone.


I’ve been getting a several phone calls and emails and I’ve visited several properties that have had poor seed germination this fall. And I think it all relates to the drought we’ve been experiencing this fall. Below you can see Fox4KC’s meteorologist, Joe Lauria showing the 4 driest September/October periods on record. And 2011 ties . . . → Read More: Poor Seed Germination This Fall? You’re not Alone.

Mulch your leaves into your lawn.

Now that the leaves have pretty much fallen, a few people have recently asked me if they should mulch up their leaves with their mulching mower and leave (pun intended) them in the turf area. Several studies at Michigan State, Cornell, Rutgers and Purdue have concluded that mulching tree leaves into turf will not harm . . . → Read More: Mulch your leaves into your lawn.

Fall Fertility...Again...Again and Corn Gluten Meal..Again

So, I’ve gotten some good questions and responses about my two late-fall fertility posts and the Corn Gluten Meal (CGM) post…so here is some more info. The picture that is in my April 22nd post is from a CGM study I started last spring. The area that study was placed upon was seeded in the . . . → Read More: Fall Fertility…Again…Again and Corn Gluten Meal..Again.

Late Fall Fertilizer... Again

I know I already posted about the benefits of late fall fertilizing. But one of the motto’s of K-State Research and Extension is ‘Science based information.’ My last post included pictures from a friend’s yard. Here is a picture from some of my research. The plot on the left was fertilized in November. The plot . . . → Read More: Late Fall Fertilizer…. Again

What a Difference a Little Fall Fertilizer Makes

The title says it all. The house on the right put down their late fall fertilizer and the house on the left did not.

Late fall or winterized applications will help the lawn stay greener longer into the winter and green up earlier in the spring.

This first picture was taken on Dec 13, 2009 . . . → Read More: What a Difference a Little Fall Fertilizer Makes